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Evolution and Innovation

Developing products for competition since 1934.

Massi brand was born in the late seventies in a traditional cycling company with a vast experience in the bicycle business.

From the start, Massi’s main concerns have been to offer the most competitive products and the highest standard of quality.

For years we have been innovating and implementing new technologies and materials in our range: triple butted titanium, custom developed aluminum alloys and innovative monocoque carbon systems among others.

At Massi we are proud of our commitment with the highest competition level. Our achievements in this field are remarkable: numerous national championships, several World Cup races and a World Championship!

Nowadays, Massi frames are still hand build and our bikes are assembled one by one by highly skilled artisans.

Your Kit

At Massi we are well aware that the best performance is only achieved when a bike is perfectly adapted to the rider.

For this reason we created the Kit Concept more than twenty years ago. The KIT concept enables to our customers to customize all the components of our bikes with one single purpose: the perfect communion between rider and bike.

Why content with a mass production bike, when you can enjoy a perfect tuned bike with your own one-by-one requirements for the same price?

The Kit Concept is also the best choice for professional and amateur competitors, since we can deliver any kit in 1 week! We can do this thanks to our unbeatable availability of spare parts and components and thanks to our professional staff that can assemble your bike with the perfect adjustments in a record time.


Our efforts are focused on combining the latest technology and materials to offer the best products to all our customers.

Massi frame and components are under great variety of test and fatigue resistance that ensures excellent level of reliability in each of our bikes.

Massi frames and components are tested under the most demanding conditions to meet all the security standards. Only in this way we can guarantee the highest reliability of all our products.

Our frame productions are limited in quantity with the aim of taking the highest care during the all manufacture process. Only in this way we can assure a tight quality control and the maximum dedication to all our products.

Our efficient Warranty System also allows us to offer a fast and professional customer service.